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Updated 06/13/01

Thank you for visiting my site dedicated to my favorite band, Guns N' Roses.

I started creating this site quite some time ago.  After spending some time researching and visiting other GNR sites, I decided that just about everything that could be done, has already been done.  Therefore, I am not going to create another site with pictures, lyrics, etc.

Rather than removing my site, I have decided to leave it as a gateway to the Top 100 GNR Fan Sites which I am the list owner of.

If anyone would like to create a logo for others to use on the GNR top sites or would like to donate a logo they currently use on their site, please send it to  I will credit you so please include a link to your site if you send a logo and I decide to use it.  Please keep them small!

Currently, this is the logo the top sites list uses:

For additional logos created by fans, click here.

Visit the official Guns n' Roses site (s) at or 

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